Logic S


Logic S is a dirt cleaner that can also be used as a coating. Depending on the technical composition, the product penetrates deep into the pores of the substrates. When Logic-S is used as a cleaner, it is necessary to rub the surface with a sponge. When used as a coating, Logic-S must be allowed to dry on the treated surface for 24 hours. Because Logic-S is drawn deep into the pores, the coating is invisible. Logic S does not close the pores, but leaves them open so air circulation can proceed. The coating is not only moisture-resistant, but also different types of liquids, oils and chemicals. In addition, it is an excellent coating on various natural stones where bacteria cannot penetrate the protective layer and fungi, accompanied by other harmful microorganisms. Logic-S is environmentally friendly and bio-based, guaranteeing your health. Logic-S can be used both indoors and outdoors. The application areas are therefore varied. Terraces, balconies, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Logic-S is guaranteed for 20 years. Due to the versatility of this product, we are happy to give you personal advice.