About Us

About 50 years ago our professor wanted to design a product that prevents the absorption and blocking of pores by (rain) water in building materials. The professor wanted to create an environmentally friendly way. The water that had reached the wall had to be removed from the wall without using harming methods. Initially the experts laughed at him. They asked the professor if he wanted to find a way for building materials that close the pores when it rains and reopen the pores on sunny days. Two years later he released our first biobased product where the pores stay open. Although it seemed impossible for many people, our professor has proven that you can finish an area with open pores that is water-repellent at the same time. Many experts have tried methods to ensure waterproofing but they use products that damage the pores of the material. The experts, involved treated, constructions watched with surprise that the pores remained open while a good water-repellent product was used. The surprise of the experts continued during conferences, training sessions and exhibitions on aerated concrete. On several surfaces of a 6 cm thick gas concrete in a composite aquarium, water impermeability is observed when waterproofing is used, while the opposite is thought. The main benefits of this event can only be understood over time. The Logic product can be applied from both inside and outside with a result of:

- 25-30% energy savin;

- Made the wet house habitable against mold;

- Natural thermal insulation applied.

How did it proceed? After realizing the products, the professor returned to the industrial sector in 1968. After all, he was not an entrepreneur. Only a few years ago he met an entrepreneur who understood how good the products were. From that moment Logic Chemie started to grow and expand. The products are currently available in 15 European countries, Russia, Turkey and Oman.