Waterproofing and protection

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A definitive solution for water problems


Iron cleaning and protection

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We add strength to iron.

Guaranteed against chemical products.

The end of rust formation!


Inside/outside cleaning and protection

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Cleaning in all fields. Protection to prevent dirt.


Disinfection and protection

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For cleaning and protection against bad bacteria

Logic Chemie has biobased products!

We are specialists in pores and can enter the pores to any depth that we want.

Concrete, iron, all stone types (marble, granite, bricks, natural stone) wood, ceramic and acrylic:

1- Cleaning

2- Strengthening

3- Protecting

Our products are resistant against water but let air go through the pores. With this feature, the air circulation in your buildings can continue.

All our products are biobased!

We give guarantees on our work for 20 years!

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