Logic UH Flex


Logic-UH Flex; İs used in cracks and gaps in crowded places such as the Metro, Stadium, Roads, Bridges, Square, Airports. The main reason for its use in these places is to create a more flexible structure between cracks and gaps. This flexibility increases the lifespan of the applied area even if it is a crowded used area. Logic-UH Flex is a strong bond for surface cracks and joint cracks. Logic-UH Flex barrier can also be formed in case of openings that cause any moisture problems between the wall and the foundation. Often pipes, gratings, window(s), dilatations and so on. It is also true that moisture problems arise due to the absence of sealing, the Logic-UH Flex also adheres to wet surfaces, making it easy to use in such situations. Logic-UH Flex can also be used to seal openings in concrete and walls. Logic-UH Flex can be used for concrete columns and foundations.