Our specialization

Logic Chemie, with a long-term effect, specializes in environmentally friendly and biodegradable technical-chemical products for the construction sector.

1. Waterproof buildings and infrastructures. Horizontal, vertical and against capillary moisture.

2. Protection of the outside of buildings against water to reduce energy costs.

3. Clean the outside of buildings and infrastructure.

4. Removal of heavy dirt such as oil, graffiti.

5. Mold removal and moisture prevention.

6. Surface protection against aggressive chemicals, cleaning, oil etc.

7. Repair of buildings and infrastructure and the protection of cracks and concrete.

Due to the technical composition of the products it is possible to penetrate deep into the pores of the substrates, unlike other products that can not. This makes it possible to push the moisture out of the pores through which moisture can pass. It is also possible to close pores against dirt, liquids, chemicals, oils etc.